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Main+Regent District
Cultural and Retail Redevelopment

Property Owner: Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency

Location: Downtown Salt Lake City

Client: GTS Development

SVP Programming. The Main & Regent District is a mixed-use, public/private, redevelopment project in the center of downtown Salt Lake City. The project included the master planning and coordination of the redevelopment of Regent Street as a destination pedestrian-oriented festival street and retail environment. The district leverages the activity at the new theater to create an 18-hour mixed-use environment that is a unique destination in the heart of downtown. The place-making project created connectivity between the City Creek Mall and Gallivan Plaza. Interior and exterior mid-block walkways weave a district around and through the buildings connecting Main Street and Regent Street. In addition to complex urban design challenges, a thorough retail opportunities analysis was completed to establish the type and size of retail opportunities for Regent Street and the entire block. A major challenge of this study was to establish a retail strategy that complemented, not competed, with City Creek Mall and other Main Street retailers. Our team led the collaboration of property owners, the private developer and Salt Lake City and County government agencies, along with fundraising and strategic communications.

Results: The Main+Regent District Redevelopment and its programming have transformed the SLC community socially, economically, culturally and artistically. *Winner of the International Economic Development Council’s Silver Award for Best Public Private Partnership. *Merit Award winner American Planning Association 2017.

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