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Global Virtual Event

Brand/Client: Meta

Agency: Jack Morton Worldwide

Channels: Facebook and Horizon Worlds


Executive Producer.  Working with a stellar team at Jack Morton Worldwide, we developed and produced Meta's most ambitious annual global communications program. In 2022, this included program strategy, creative development, creative production, social media marketing, video and multimedia production, and data streaming infrastructure. Our team's assignment:

  • Assemble and lead a team of 40 producers, designers, developers, engineers and media managers, with positivity and a spirit of collaboration

  • Manage an eight-figure budget profitably

  • Supervise production and post-production for 14 hours of original content, including location shoots, remote/at-home recordings, in-VR presentations and segments "live" from the metaverse. Graphics, editing, audio, scenic build, video design and content management.

  • Manage localization into 8 languages + ASL

  • Manage the work of 12 third-party specialty agencies

  • Direct global social media communications program

  • Collaborate with Meta product, marketing and VR engineering teams to implement a first-ever live streaming event that toggled throughout the day between live, in-studio, VR and cloud playback sources.

Results: The day-long Meta Connect streamcast on October 11 went off without a hitch, switching between pre-recorded, live studio and virtual reality sources. Production value of the original brand content was a deliberate step forward for the brand compared to past programs. The social and comms efforts reached a global and targeted audience in the tens of millions. We cranked out countless presentations, decks, graphics, animations, and beautiful images; wrote scripts and rehearsed live talent and broadcast to the world the contemporary vision of one of the world's leading tech companies. We made improvements and course corrections along the way. We did this is eight languages, in 120 days, managing the work of 12 other agencies, with an entirely remote team. A technically expansive and successful effort.

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