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The Olympic Winter Games

Brand/Client: Salt Lake Olympic Organizing Committee

Location: Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah

Producer/Executive Producer. While these Games were almost two decades ago, they remain the only Olympic Games to generate a profit, despite the extraordinary security and logistical challenges of hosting the first Olympics subsequent to 9/11, just four months prior. JBA was selected to produce the Games' three Celebration Venues: Salt Lake Olympic Square, the Park City Olympic Festival, and the Olympic Athlete's Village. JBA worked closely with the Ceremonies, Branding and Venue Operations and Production teams to deploy an army of designers, fabricators, technicians, performers, venue managers, and media producers for this 18-day global extravaganza. To highlight this global spectacle, Jeffrey also designed an original urban-scale art installation, Light Towers, which were visible from 20 miles in every direction, and from air for the enjoyment of guests arriving at the airport. Like the bat signal, but for The Olympics.

Results: JBA and the SLOC team of staff and volunteers served over 300,000 guests, including the entire family of Olympic athletes and coaches, with hundreds of performances, stage shows, urban activations, venue transformations, private events, sponsor hospitality and VIP venues. All things combined and considered, the Salt Lake City Olympic Winter Games are known as the most successful Olympic Games in modern history.

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