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Worldwide Virtual Sales Conference, 2021

Brand: A Cupertino-based Tech Leader 

Agency: Drury Design NYC

Location: Virtual/Remote + Worldwide


Executive Producer. A global tech brand was gearing up for their annual sales conference for 8,000 worldwide employees. Covid-19 forced a new event strategy, inspiring a 4-day live and “simu-live” experience featuring executive presentations, keynote speakers, panels, and surprise celebrity appearances. Working with a solid team at Drury Design, we delivered an epic digital event to could match the energy of an in-person conference. Beyond orchestrating the event concept and design, the team produced the most extensive and advanced "Shot on iPhone" project to date, with 18 finished hours of video captured at over 40 global locations within Covid compliance protocols—including on-campus socially-distanced studios and at-home filming kits for global presenters. From there, the event content was translated into 14 languages and broadcast securely worldwide. Production was accomplished in 90 days while juggling dozens of stakeholders, a shifting pandemic landscape, the expected client changes and and unexpected expansion of scope.

Results: Drury Design team got this done during lockdown with a 100% remote team. It was a runaway success, setting new standards for streaming events and virtual content for a tech giant. Thousands of positive survey responses from attendees, with kudos from the Executive Team, for a production that blew past expectations. Beyond client success and team collaboration, despite the madness, we all kept smiling. :)

set shots
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